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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

"I come to praise Celebrity, not bury it!" - A collection of celebrity praise.


A selection of quotations that heap on praise like a six-handed coal shoveller working in the furnaces of Hell.

Here at Blue Eyed Books, we are working on a number of new book titles and one such is The Big Book of Celebrity Praise. Having previously published books of insults and poisonous quotes, we thought it was about time we reported on the other end of the spectrum.

While, The Big Book of Celebrity Praise is not due to be published until the end of 2011, here are a few tasters of things to come ...


"That exquisite handwriting like a fly which has been trained at the Russian ballet."
James Agate, Diary (1944)

"The facts in this case, ladies and gentlemen, are simple. The first thing you should know, and probably the last, too, is that P.G. Wodehouse is still the funniest writer ever to have put words on paper. Fact number two: with the Jeeves stories, Wodehouse created the best of the best. I speak as one whose first love was Blandings, and who later took immense pleasure from Psmith, but Jeeves is the jewel, and anyone who tries to tell you different can be shown the door, the mini-cab, the train station, and Terminal 4 at Heathrow with a clear conscience. The world of Jeeves is complete and integral, every bit as structured, layered, ordered, complex and self-contained as King Lear, and considerably funnier."
Hugh Laurie in The Daily Telegraph (1999)

"I have only read one book in my life, and that is White Fang. It’s so frightfully good I’ve never bothered to read another."
Uncle Matthew in Nancy Mitford's Love in a Cold Climate (1949)

"Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of Champagne; knowing him was like drinking it.
Winston Churchill

"Cyd Charisse was the only woman who looked as good naked as she did dressed."
Helen Rose - Metro's house designer

"A dancer with the fanciest feet on the street … Jackson may dance like Baryshnikov straddling a jackhammer, move like a street blood steeped in Astaire and t’ai chi … the sexual dynamism irradiating from the arch of his dancing body challenges Government standards for a nuclear meltdown."
Time magazine (1984)

"Death would be a beautiful place if it looks like Brad Pitt."
Carmen Electra

"Ameica's Sweethearts, a terrifically funny romantic comedy, is a slam-dunk for Julia Roberts, the Michael Jordan of cuteness."
Desson Thomson in The Washington Post (2001)

"The Ferrari 355 is the automotive equivalent of a quail's egg dipped in celery salt and served in Julia Roberts' belly button."
Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear

"Watching Darcey Bussell dance is like seeing a rare butterfly alight with weightless grace."
Kate Kellaway in The Observer (2007)

"Had Shakespeare or Joyce or Dickens or Puccini been sitting in Cineworld with me watching Mamma Mia!, they would have nodded thunderously with approval and left the cinema muttering: 'I want a piece of that.' "
Melanie Reid in The Times (2008)

TWILIGHT - The Movie
"In the 17-million-copy land of Twilight, the calling card isn't blood and fangs, but the exquisite, shimmering quiver of unconsummated first love. By that measure, the movie version gives really good swoon."
Chuck Wilson in The Village Voice (2008)

"His wit should be registered at police headquarters as a lethal weapon."
Kathy Lette on Celebrity Cash in the Attic (2010)

We shall be adding to this list over the next few months ... until publication of the book in late 2011.

For more info on The Big Book of Celebrity Praise and the other fun / humour / quotes books from Blue Eyed Books, visit the official website at Blue Eyed Books.

If you have any examples of celebrity praise you'd like to share with us, please add them in the comments box below. The most outrageous the better ...
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