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Friday, 11 June 2010

The Quotable Hugh Laurie ... from Bertie Wooster to Gregory House.

The Quotable Hugh Laurie ... from Bertie Wooster to Gregory House.

British actor Hugh Laurie (born this day in 1959) is best known for his Golden Globe-award winning role of Dr. Gregory House in House MD and as Stephen Fry's comedic partner but he is also an accomplished musician, a University rower, a published novelist, and a Perrier Award winning comedian.

Here is a selection of Laurie's Wit, Wisdom and Waggishness ...

On acting with an American accent - "It's as if you're playing left-handed. Or like everyone else is playing with a tennis racket and you have a salmon."

On his TV character - "I don't talk like House, or walk like him. I certainly don't think like him. I don't like to think for more than 15 minutes at a stretch actually; I am a fragile flower."

"There’s an undeniable pleasure in stepping into an open-topped sports car driven by a beautiful woman. It feels like you’re stepping into a metaphor."
in The Gun Seller (1996)

"The facts in this case, ladies and gentlemen, are simple. The first thing you should know, and probably the last, too, is that P.G. Wodehouse is still the funniest writer ever to have put words on paper. Fact number two: with the Jeeves stories, Wodehouse created the best of the best. I speak as one whose first love was Blandings, and who later took immense pleasure from Psmith, but Jeeves is the jewel, and anyone who tries to tell you different can be shown the door, the mini-cab, the train station, and Terminal 4 at Heathrow with a clear conscience. The world of Jeeves is complete and integral, every bit as structured, layered, ordered, complex and self-contained as King Lear, and considerably funnier."
Hugh Laurie in The Daily Telegraph (1999)

On raising his daughter Rebecca - "Girls are complicated. The instruction manual that comes with girls is 800 pages, with chapters 14, 19, 26 and 32 missing, and it`s badly translated, hard to figure out."

"I've always thought of Hugh as a panda, probably because he's not naturally aggressive. Either a panda or an Opel Kadett."
Stephen Fry in The Radio Times (1990)

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