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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Quote of the Day - June 6th: Sandra Bernhard

QUOTE OF THE DAY - June 6th: Sandra Bernhard

Comedian and actor Sandra Bernhard (born on this day in 1955) has a reputation for straight-talking and telling it like it is (well, from her p.o.v. anyway). Here's a selection of some of the personal and more outrageous things she has had to say ... 

"I think people are a little bit intimidated by me. You know, I`m not exactly a wilting flower, so I think they`re a little bit scared of me sometimes."

“On one side you have book burners, Congressional wives and Pat Robertson. On the other side, you have vulgar comedians, foul-mouthed rap groups and Dennis Hopper - all your choices should be so easy."

"I tend to go against the grain because when I start to see that everybody`s trying to shock, I try not to. I just do stuff that`s subtler, more emotional, and I think that shocks people."

On Cindy Crawford's marriage to Richard Gere - "He’s elastic and she’s plastic."

On Madonna - I look at my friendship with her as like having a gall stone. You deal with it, there is pain, and then you pass it. That’s all I have to say about Schmadonna."

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