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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Quote of the Day


Longtime Rolling Stones drummer and the 'quiet one at the back' Charlie Watts (born this day in 1941) has had a lot to say about life with the world's greatest rock and roll band ...

"When people talk about the '60s I never think that was me there. It was me and I was in it, but I was never enamoured with all that. It's supposed to be sex and drugs and rock and roll and I'm not really like that. I've never really seen the Rolling Stones as anything."

"A lot of our tracks have sounded a lot better than I thought they would because of recording, mixing, and because I probably didn't hear it that way. I'm not a songwriter."

"I think The Rolling Stones have gotten a lot better. An awful lot better, I think. A lot of people don't, but I think they have, and to me that's gratifying. It's worth it."

"Rock and Roll has probably given more than it's taken."

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