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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Quote of the Day


American thriller writer Robert Ludlum (born, or maybe Bourne, today in 1927) is most famous for his novels involving amnesaic secret agent Jason Bourne, who has often been likened to James Bond ...

"On the face of it, Bourne and Bond are polar opposites. Bond is MI6’s top agent; Bourne is being hunted down by his former employer, the CIA. Bond always gets the girl; Bourne loses his girl to an assassin’s bullet. Bond has no compunction about killing; Bourne has nightmares over what he’s done. The contrast says a lot about their creators. Ian Fleming, an old Etonian, invented a hero to reflect the values of the day: successful, debonair, someone who kills as ruthlessly as he discards women. Robert Ludlum, a struggling actor turned writer, wanted an antihero, an outcast who was hunted, unsure of himself and paranoid."
Nicholas Rufford in The Times (Aug 5, 2007)

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