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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Quote of the Day


Irish-born humorist Miles Kington (born on this day in 1941) got all grammatical over the title of the latest James Bond film title in a 2007 article in The Independent newspaper:

"There’s one puzzling thing about Casino Royale. Not just about the film, but about the original Ian Fleming novel as well. The title, Casino Royale … Here’s the funny thing. The word ‘casino’ in French is masculine. But the word ‘royale’ is the feminine form of royal. So why has ‘Royale’ wrongly been given an -e on the end? I think it should be Casino Royal, because all adjectives in French agree with the gender of the noun. After all, it’s ‘Palais Royal,’ isn’t it? Because ‘Palais’ is masculine and therefore royal doesn’t take an -e on the end. So why not Casino Royal? I’ll tell you why not. Because if Fleming had called it Casino Royal, everyone would have pronounced it English style with the stress on the first syllable of Royal. But if it is spelled as Casino Royale, everyone instinctively gives it a sort of smart, sophisticated French pronunciation with the stress on the last syllable. Roy-ale. So it had to be spelled wrong to be pronounced right."

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